Windows Script Host  

WSH Version Information

The following table lists the version of Windows Script Host implemented by Microsoft host applications.

Host Application 1.0 2.0 5.6
Microsoft Windows 98 x    
Microsoft Windows NT 4 Option Pack x    
Microsoft Windows 2000   X  

The following table lists Windows Script Host language elements and the version in which they were introduced.

Language Element 1.0 2.0 5.6
<?job ?> Element   X  
<?XML ?> Element   X  
AddPrinterConnection Method x    
AddWindowsPrinterConnection Method   X  
AppActivate Method   X  
Arguments Property x    
AtEndOfLine Property   X  
AtEndOfStream Property   X  
Character Property     x
Close Method   X  
Column Property   X  
ComputerName Property x    
ConnectObject Method   x  
Count Method x    
CreateObject Method x    
CreateScript Method     x
CreateShortcut Method x    
Description Property x    
Description Property (WshRemote)     x
DisconnectObject Method x    
Echo Method x    
EnumNetworkDrives Method x    
EnumPrinterConnections Method x    
Environment Property x    
Error Property (WshRemote)     x
<example> Element     x
Exec Method     x
Execute Method     x
Exists Method     x
ExitCode Property     x
ExpandEnvironmentStrings Method x    
FullName Property x    
GetObject Method x    
GetResource Method   x  
HotKey Property x    
IconLocation Property x    
Item Property x    
Item Property (WshNamed)     x
Item Property (WshUnnamed)     x
<job> Element   x x
Length Property x    
Line Property   x  
Line Property (WshRemote)     x
LogEvent Method   x  
MapNetworkDrive Method x    
Name Property x    
<named> Element     x
Number Property     x
<object> Element   x  
<package> Element   x  
Path Property x    
Popup Method x    
ProcessID Property     x
Quit Method x    
Read Method   x  
ReadAll Method   x  
ReadLine Method   x  
<reference> Element   x  
RegDelete Method x    
RegRead Method x    
RegWrite Method x    
Remove Method x    
RemoveNetworkDrive Method x    
RemovePrinterConnection Method x    
<resource> Element      
Run Method x    
<runtime> Element     x
Save Method x    
<script> Element   x  
ScriptFullName Property x    
ScriptName Property x    
SendKeys Method   x  
SetDefaultPrinter Method x    
ShowUsage Method     x
Skip Method   x  
SkipLine Method   x  
Sleep Method   x  
Source Property     x
SourceText Property     x
SpecialFolders Property x    
Status Property (WshRemote)     x
Status Property (WshScriptExec)     x
StdErr Property   x  
StdErr Property (WshScriptExec)     x
StdIn Property   x  
StdIn Property (WshScriptExec)     x
StdOut Property   x  
StdOut Property (WshScriptExec)     x
TargetPath Property x    
Terminate Method (WshScriptExec)     x
<usage> Element     x
UserDomain Property x    
UserName Property x    
Version Property x    
WindowStyle Property x    
WorkingDirectory Property x    
Write Method   x  
WriteBlankLines Method   x  
WriteLine Method   x  
WScript Object x    
WshArguments Object x    
WshController Object     x
WshEnvironment Object x    
WshNamed Object     x
WshNetwork Object x    
WshRemote Object     x
WshRemoteError Object     x
WshScriptExec Object     x
WshShell Object x    
WshShortcut Object x    
WshSpecialFolders Object x    
WshUnnamed Object     x
WshUrlShortcut Object x