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CreateScript Method

Creates a WshRemote object.



WshController Object.
Required. String value indicating the script's path and switches as they would be typed at the command prompt. The path to the script should appear as seen from the controller computer system rather than the computer system on which you want to run the script.
Optional. String value indicating the name of the remote computer system (the computer on which you want to run the remote script). It is specified in the Uniform Naming Convention (UNC).


The CreateScript method returns a handle to an instance of a WshRemote object. The path part of the script name does not need to be local — it can refer to a script on a network share. This makes it possible to sit at one computer system, retrieve a script from another computer system, and run it on a third computer system. If a machine name is not provided, the remote script object runs on the controller computer system (this is the default). If a machine name is provided, the remote script object runs on the named computer system. The CreateScript method establishes a connection with the remote computer system and sets it up to run the script, but the script does not actually start until you call the Execute method of the WshRemote object.


The following example demonstrates how the CreateScript method of the WshController object is used to create a WshRemote object (an instance of a remote script).

Dim Controller, RemoteScript
Set Controller = WScript.CreateObject("WSHController")
Set RemoteScript = Controller.CreateScript("test.js", "remoteserver")
WScript.ConnectObject RemoteScript, "remote_"

Do While RemoteScript.Status <> 2 
    WScript.Sleep 100

WScript.DisconnectObject RemoteScript

Sub remote_Error
    Dim theError
    Set theError = RemoteScript.Error
    WScript.Echo "Error " & theError.Number & " - Line: " & theError.Line & ", Char: " & theError.Character & vbCrLf & "Description: " & theError.Description
    WScript.Quit -1
End Sub
var Controller = WScript.CreateObject("WSHController");
var RemoteScript = Controller.CreateScript("test.js", "remoteserver");
WScript.ConnectObject(RemoteScript, "remote_");

while (RemoteScript.Status != 2) {


function remote_Error()
    var theError = RemoteScript.Error;
    WScript.Echo("Error " + theError.Number + " - Line: " + theError.Line + ", Char: " + theError.Character + "\nDescription: " + theError.Description);

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