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WshRemote Object

WshController Object

Provides access to the remote script process.


The WshRemote object allows you to remotely administer computer systems on a computer network. It represents an instance of a WSH script, i.e., a script file with one of the following extensions: .wsh, .wsf, .js, .vbs, .jse, .vbe, and so on. An instance of a running script is a process. You can run the process either on the local machine or on a remote machine. If you do not provide a network path, it will run locally. When a WSHRemote object is created (by using the CreateScript() method), the script is copied to the target computer system. Once there, the script does not begin executing immediately; it begins executing only when the WSHRemote method Execute is invoked. Through the WshRemote object interface, your script can manipulate other programs or scripts. Additionally, external applications can also manipulate remote scripts. The WshRemote object works asynchronously over DCOM.


The following example demonstrates how the WshRemote object is used to start a remote script.

Dim Controller, RemoteScript
Set Controller = WScript.CreateObject("WSHController")
Set RemoteScript = Controller.CreateScript("test.js", "remoteserver")

Do While RemoteScript.Status <> 2 
    WScript.Sleep 100
var Controller = WScript.CreateObject("WSHController");
var RemoteScript = Controller.CreateScript("test.js", "remoteserver");

while (RemoteScript.Status != 2) {


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