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WshUnnamed Object

Unnamed PropertyWshArguments Object

Provides access to the unnamed arguments from the command line.


The WshUnnamed object is a read-only collection that is returned by the Unnamed property of the WshArguments object. Individual argument values are retrieved from this collection using zero-based indexes. Two of the WshArguments object's properties are filtered arguments collections — one contains the named arguments (the WshNamed object), the other contains the unnamed arguments (the WshUnnamed object). In total, this gives you three ways to access sets of command-line arguments.


The following code displays the number of named and unnamed command-line arguments.

<job id="JS">
<script language="JScript">

var argsNamed = WScript.Arguments.Named;
var argsUnnamed = WScript.Arguments.Unnamed;

WScript.Echo("There are " + argsNamed.length + " named arguments.");
WScript.Echo("There are " + argsUnnamed.length + " unnamed arguments.");


<job id="VBS">
<script language="VBScript">

Dim argsNamed, argsUnnamed
Set argsNamed = WScript.Arguments.Named
Set argsUnnamed = WScript.Arguments.Unnamed

WScript.Echo "There are " & argsNamed.Count & " named arguments."
WScript.Echo "There are " & argsUnnamed.Count & " unnamed arguments."



Item Property | Length Property (WshArguments object)


Count Method

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