Windows Script Host  

<example> Element

Provides an example of usage for the job.

   Example text


The <example> element is enclosed within the <runtime> element.


The following script demonstrates the use of the <example> Element:

        <description>This script reboots a server</description>
            name = "Server"
            helpstring = "Server to run the script on"
            type = "string"
            required = "true"
        <example>Example: reboot.wsf /Server:scripting</example>

Everything between <example> and </example> tags gets picked up, including new lines and extra white space. Calling the ShowUsage method from this script results in the following output:

This script reboots a server

Usage: reboot.wsf /server:value


server : Server to run the script on


reboot.wsf /server:scripting

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