Visual Basic Scripting Edition  


The following table contains the VBScript functions.

Abs Array Asc Atn
CBool CByte CCur CDate
CDbl Chr CInt CLng
Conversions Cos CreateObject CSng
Date DateAdd DateDiff DatePart
DateSerial DateValue Day Derived Maths
Eval Exp Filter FormatCurrency
FormatDateTime FormatNumber FormatPercent GetLocale
GetObject GetRef Hex Hour
InputBox InStr InStrRev Int, Fixs
IsArray IsDate IsEmpty IsNull
IsNumeric IsObject Join LBound
LCase Left Len LoadPicture
Log LTrim; RTrim; and Trims Maths Mid
Minute Month MonthName MsgBox
Now Oct Replace RGB
Right Rnd Round ScriptEngine
ScriptEngineBuildVersion ScriptEngineMajorVersion ScriptEngineMinorVersion Second
SetLocale Sgn Sin Space
Split Sqr StrComp String
Tan Time Timer TimeSerial
TimeValue TypeName UBound UCase
VarType Weekday WeekdayName Year

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