Visual Basic Scripting Edition  

ScriptEngine Function

Returns a string representing the scripting language in use.


Return Values

The ScriptEngine function can return any of the following strings:

String Description
VBScript Indicates that Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition is the current scripting engine.
JScript Indicates that Microsoft JScript® is the current scripting engine.
VBA Indicates that Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is the current scripting engine.


The following example uses the ScriptEngine function to return a string describing the scripting language in use:

Function GetScriptEngineInfo
   Dim s
   s = ""   ' Build string with necessary info.
   s = ScriptEngine & " Version "
   s = s & ScriptEngineMajorVersion & "."
   s = s & ScriptEngineMinorVersion & "."
   s = s & ScriptEngineBuildVersion 
   GetScriptEngineInfo = s   ' Return the results.
End Function


Version 2

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