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XML Elements

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<?job?> Element
XML processing instruction that specifies attributes for error handling.
<?XML?> Element
Indicates that a file should be parsed as XML.
<description> Element
Marks the descriptive text that appears when the user runs ShowUsage() or runs the script with the /? command line switch.
<example> Element
Makes your script self documenting.
<job> Element
Marks the beginning and the end of a job within a Windows Script file (*.wsf).
<named> Element
Marks a particular named argument to the script.
<object> Element
XML element that is used in Windows Script component files and that defines objects that can be referenced by script.
<package> Element
Encloses multiple job definitions in a Windows Script Host control (.wsf) file.
<reference> Element
XML element that includes a reference to an external type library.
<resource> Element
XML element that isolates textual or numeric data that should not be hard-coded into a script.
<runtime> Element
Groups together the set of run-time arguments for a script.
<script> Element
XML element that contains script to define the behavior of a Windows Script component.

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