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Unnamed Property

Returns the WshUnnamed object (a collection of unnamed arguments).



WshArguments object.


The Unnamed property returns the WshUnnamed collection, the collection of unnamed arguments. The arguments are presented in the order that they were entered on the command line. The first unnamed argument at index 0.


The following code displays the number of named and unnamed command-line arguments.

<job id="JS">
<script language="JScript">

var argsNamed = WScript.Arguments.Named;
var argsUnnamed = WScript.Arguments.Unnamed;

WScript.Echo("There are " + argsNamed.length + " named arguments.");
WScript.Echo("There are " + argsUnnamed.length + " unnamed arguments.");


<job id="VBS">
<script language="VBScript">

Dim argsNamed, argsUnnamed
Set argsNamed = WScript.Arguments.Named
Set argsUnnamed = WScript.Arguments.Unnamed

WScript.Echo "There are " & argsNamed.Count & " named arguments."
WScript.Echo "There are " & argsUnnamed.Count & " unnamed arguments."


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