Visual Basic Scripting Edition  

VarType Constants

These constants are only available when your project has an explicit reference to the appropriate type library containing these constant definitions. For VBScript, you must explicitly declare these constants in your code.

Constant Value Description
vbEmpty    0 Uninitialized (default)
vbNull    1 Contains no valid data
vbInteger    2 Integer subtype
vbLong    3 Long subtype
vbSingle    4 Single subtype
vbSingle    5 Double subtype
vbCurrency    6 Currency subtype
vbDate    7 Date subtype
vbString    8 String subtype
vbObject    9 Object
vbError 10 Error subtype
vbBoolean 11 Boolean subtype
vbVariant 12 Variant (used only for arrays of variants)
vbDataObject 13 Data access object
vbDecimal 14 Decimal subtype
vbByte 17 Byte subtype
vbArray 8192 Array


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