Visual Basic Scripting Edition  

String Constants

Since these constants are built into VBScript, you don't have to define them before using them. Use them anywhere in your code to represent the values shown for each.

Constant Value Description
vbCr Chr(13) Carriage return.
VbCrLf Chr(13) & Chr(10) Carriage return–linefeed combination.
vbFormFeed Chr(12) Form feed; not useful in Microsoft Windows.
vbLf Chr(10) Line feed.
vbNewLine Chr(13) & Chr(10) or Chr(10) Platform-specific newline character; whatever is appropriate for the platform.
vbNullChar Chr(0) Character having the value 0.
vbNullString String having value 0 Not the same as a zero-length string (""); used for calling external procedures.
vbTab Chr(9) Horizontal tab.
vbVerticalTab Chr(11) Vertical tab; not useful in Microsoft Windows.


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