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Verify Method

Verifies a digital signature retrieved as a string.

object.Verify (FileExtension, Text, ShowUI)


A string designating the script extension type (.vbs, .js, or .wsf). This provides a mechanism by which the operating system can determine the type of script file being verified.
The text to verify.
A Boolean value. If the ShowUI argument is false, then the Scripting.Signer object determines whether a trusted source provided the signature without prompting the user. If it is true then the Scripting.Signer object may create dialog boxes to prompt the user if there is not sufficient information to determine trust.
Note   On some operating systems, the operating system also creates a dialog box if the flag is on, the file is trusted, and you have not already checked the "Always trust �" option.


The Verify method is used to verify a digital signed script stored in a string.


In this example the Verify method determines whether the script in the UnsignedText variable is trusted. (In this example there is no digital signature, so the Scripting.Signer object asks the user whether to extend trust.)

Dim Signer, UnsignedText, Trusted
Set Signer = CreateObject("Scripting.Signer")
UnsignedText = _
     "Dim X " & vbCrLf & _
     "X = 123" & vbCrLf & _
     "WScript.Echo X" & vbCrLf
Trusted = Signer.Verify(".VBS", UnsignedText, True)

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