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Randomize Statement

Initializes the random-number generator.

Randomize [number]

The number argument can be any valid numeric expression.


Randomize uses number to initialize the Rnd function's random-number generator, giving it a new seed value. If you omit number, the value returned by the system timer is used as the new seed value.

If Randomize is not used, the Rnd function (with no arguments) uses the same number as a seed the first time it is called, and thereafter uses the last generated number as a seed value.

Note   To repeat sequences of random numbers, call Rnd with a negative argument immediately before using Randomize with a numeric argument. Using Randomize with the same value for number does not repeat the previous sequence.

The following example illustrates use of the Randomize statement.

Dim MyValue, Response
Randomize   ' Initialize random-number generator.
Do Until Response = vbNo
   MyValue = Int((6 * Rnd) + 1)   ' Generate random value between 1 and 6.
   MsgBox MyValue
   Response = MsgBox ("Roll again? ", vbYesNo)


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