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HelpFile Property

Sets or returns a fully qualified path to a Help File.

object.HelpFile [= contextID]


Required. Always the Err object.
Optional. Fully qualified path to the Help file.


If a Help file is specified in HelpFile, it is automatically called when the user clicks the Help button (or presses the F1 key) in the error message dialog box. If the HelpContext property contains a valid context ID for the specified file, that topic is automatically displayed. If no HelpFile is specified, the VBScript Help file is displayed.

On Error Resume Next
Dim Msg
Err.Raise 6   ' Generate "Overflow" error.
Err.Helpfile = "yourHelp.hlp"
Err.HelpContext = yourContextID
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
   Msg = "Press F1 or Help to see " & Err.Helpfile & " topic for" & _
   " the following HelpContext: " & Err.HelpContext
   MsgBox Msg, , "error: " & Err.Description, Err.Helpfile, Err.HelpContext
End If


Version 2

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Applies To: Err Object