@set Statement

Creates variables used with conditional compilation statements.

@set @varname = term 


Required. Valid JScript variable name. Must be preceded by an "@" character at all times.
Required. Zero or more unary operators followed by a constant, conditional compilation variable, or parenthesized expression.


Numeric and Boolean variables are supported for conditional compilation. Strings are not. Variables created using @set are generally used in conditional compilation statements, but can be used anywhere in JScript code.

Examples of variable declarations look like this:

@set @myvar1 = 12

@set @myvar2 = (@myvar1 * 20)

@set @myvar3 = @_jscript_version

The following operators are supported in parenthesized expressions:

If a variable is used before it has been defined, its value is NaN. NaN can be checked for using the @if statement:

@if (@newVar != @newVar)

This works because NaN is the only value not equal to itself.


Version 3

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