arguments Object

An object representing the arguments to the currently executing function, and the functions that called it.



Optional. The name of the currently executing Function object.
Required. The zero-based index to argument values passed to the Function object.


You cannot explicitly create an arguments object. The arguments object only becomes available when a function begins execution. The arguments object of the function is not an array, but the individual arguments are accessed the same way array elements are accessed. The index n is actually a reference to one of the 0�n properties of the arguments object.


The following example illustrates the use of the arguments object.

function ArgTest(a, b){
   var i, s = "The ArgTest function expected ";
   var numargs = arguments.length;     //Get number of arguments passed.
   var expargs = ArgTest.length;       //Get number of arguments expected.
   if (expargs < 2)
      s += expargs + " argument. ";
      s += expargs + " arguments. ";
   if (numargs < 2)
      s += numargs + " was passed.";
      s += numargs + " were passed.";
   s += "\n\n"
   for (i =0 ; i < numargs; i++){      //Get argument contents.
   s += "  Arg " + i + " = " + arguments[i] + "\n";
   return(s);                          //Return list of arguments.


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