JScript Objects

The following table lists JScript Objects.

Description Language Element
Enables and returns a reference to an Automation object. ActiveXObject Object
Provides support for creation of arrays of any data type. Array Object
Creates a new Boolean value. Boolean Object
Enables basic storage and retrieval of dates and times. Date Object
Object that stores data key, item pairs. Dictionary Object
Enables enumeration of items in a collection. Enumerator Object
An object that contains information about errors that occur while JScript code is running. Error Object
Provides access to a computer's file system. FileSystemObject Object
Creates a new function. Function Object
An intrinsic object whose purpose is to collect global methods into one object. Global Object
A intrinsic object that provides basic mathematics functionality and constants. Math Object
An object representation of the number data type and placeholder for numeric constants. Number Object
Provides functionality common to all JScript objects. Object Object
Stores information on regular expression pattern searches. RegExp Object
Contains a regular expression pattern. Regular Expression Object
Allows manipulation and formatting of text strings and determination and location of substrings within strings. String Object
Provides access to Visual Basic safe arrays. VBArray Object