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Microsoft's powerful scripting language targeted specifically at the Internet. JScript .NET is the next generation of Microsoft's implementation of the ECMA 262 language. Improvements in JScript .NET — which is being developed in conjunction with ECMAScript Edition 4 — include true compiled code, typed and typeless variables, classes (with inheritance, function overloading, property accessors, and more), packages, cross-language support, and access to the .NET Frameworks.
Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition brings active scripting to a wide variety of environments, including Web client scripting in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Web server scripting in Microsoft Internet Information Services.
Script Runtime
A Dictionary object is the equivalent of a PERL associative array. Items can be any form of data, and are stored in the array. Each item is associated with a unique key. The key is used to retrieve an individual item and is usually a integer or a string, but can be anything except an array.

The FileSystemObject (FSO) object model allows you to use the familiar object.method syntax with a rich set of properties, methods, and events to process folders and files.

Script Encoder is a simple command-line tool that enables script designers to encode their final script so that Web hosts and Web clients cannot view or modify their source.

Windows Script Components
Microsoft® Windows® Script Components provide you with an easy way to create COM components using scripting languages such as Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Microsoft® JScript®.
Windows Script Host
The Microsoft Windows Script Host (WSH) is a tool that will allow you to run Visual Basic Scripting Edition and JScript natively within the base Operating System, either on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0.
Windows Script Interfaces
Microsoft Windows Script Interfaces introduce a new way for an application to add scripting and OLE Automation capabilities.

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A comprehensive site dedicated to Microsoft's scripting technologies. Contains complete documentation for JScript, VBScript, Windows Script Host, Windows Script Components, Remote Scripting, Script Control, and Script Debugger. You can download the latest versions of JScript and VBScript, as well as updates and enhancements to other Microsoft scripting technologies.