Visual Basic Scripting Edition  

Rem Statement

Includes explanatory remarks in a program.

Rem comment


' comment

The comment argument is the text of any comment you want to include. After the Rem keyword, a space is required before comment.


As shown in the syntax section, you can use an apostrophe (') instead of the Rem keyword. If the Rem keyword follows other statements on a line, it must be separated from the statements by a colon. However, when you use an apostrophe, the colon is not required after other statements.

The following example illustrates the use of the Rem statement.

Dim MyStr1, MyStr2
MyStr1 = "Hello" : Rem Comment after a statement separated by a colon.
MyStr2 = "Goodbye" ' This is also a comment; no colon is needed.
Rem Comment on a line with no code; no colon is needed.


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