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VBScript Syntax Errors

VBScript syntax errors are errors that result when the structure of one of your VBScript statements violates one or more of the grammatical rules of the VBScript scripting language. VBScript syntax errors occur during the program compilation stage, before the program has begun to be executed.

Error Number Description
1052 Cannot have multiple default property/method in a Class
1044 Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub
1053 Class initialize or terminate do not have arguments
1058 'Default' specification can only be on Property Get
1057 'Default' specification must also specify 'Public'
1005 Expected '('
1006 Expected ')'
1011 Expected '='
1021 Expected 'Case'
1047 Expected 'Class'
1025 Expected end of statement
1014 Expected 'End'
1023 Expected expression
1015 Expected 'Function'
1010 Expected identifier
1012 Expected 'If'
1046 Expected 'In'
1026 Expected integer constant
1049 Expected Let or Set or Get in property declaration
1045 Expected literal constant
1019 Expected 'Loop'
1020 Expected 'Next'
1050 Expected 'Property'
1022 Expected 'Select'
1024 Expected statement
1016 Expected 'Sub'
1017 Expected 'Then'
1013 Expected 'To'
1018 Expected 'Wend'
1027 Expected 'While' or 'Until'
1028 Expected 'While,' 'Until,' or end of statement
1029 Expected 'With'
1030 Identifier too long
1014 Invalid character
1039 Invalid 'exit' statement
1040 Invalid 'for' loop control variable
1013 Invalid number
1037 Invalid use of 'Me' keyword
1038 'loop' without 'do'
1048 Must be defined inside a Class
1042 Must be first statement on the line
1041 Name redefined
1051 Number of arguments must be consistent across properties specification
1001 Out of Memory
1054 Property Set or Let must have at least one argument
1002 Syntax error
1055 Unexpected 'Next'
1015 Unterminated string constant

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