Microsoft® Windows® Script Interfaces
 Language Reference

HRESULT OnScriptTerminate(
    VARIANT *pvarResult,   // address of script results
    EXCEPINFO *pexcepinfo  // address of structure with exception information

Informs the host that the script has completed execution.

[in] Address of a variable that contains the script result, or NULL if the script produced no result.
[in] Address of an EXCEPINFO structure that contains exception information generated when the script terminated, or NULL if no exception was generated.

The scripting engine calls this method before the call to the IActiveScriptSite::OnStateChange method, with the SCRIPTSTATE_INITIALIZED flag set, is completed. This method can be used to return completion status and results to the host. Note that many script languages, which are based on sinking events from the host, have life spans that are defined by the host. In this case, this method may never be called.