Microsoft® Windows® Script Interfaces
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HRESULT IActiveScriptSite::GetItemInfo(
    LPCOLESTR pstrName,     // address of item name
    DWORD dwReturnMask,     // bit mask for information retrieval
    IUnknown **ppunkItem,   // address of pointer to item's IUnknown
    ITypeInfo **ppTypeInfo  // address of pointer to item's ITypeInfo

Allows the scripting engine to obtain information about an item added with the IActiveScript::AddNamedItem method.

[in] The name associated with the item, as specified in the IActiveScript::AddNamedItem method.
[in] A bit mask specifying what information about the item should be returned. The scripting engine should request the minimum amount of information possible because some of the return parameters (for example, ITypeInfo) can take considerable time to load or generate. Can be a combination of the following values:

SCRIPTINFO_IUNKNOWN Return the IUnknown interface for this item.
SCRIPTINFO_ITYPEINFO Return the ITypeInfo interface for this item.

[out] Address of a variable that receives a pointer to the IUnknown interface associated with the given item. The scripting engine can use the IUnknown::QueryInterface method to obtain the IDispatch interface for the item. This parameter receives NULL if dwReturnMask does not include the SCRIPTINFO_IUNKNOWN value. Also, it receives NULL if there is no object associated with the item name; this mechanism is used to create a simple class when the named item was added with the SCRIPTITEM_CODEONLY flag set in the IActiveScript::AddNamedItem method.
[out] Address of a variable that receives a pointer to the ITypeInfo interface associated with the item. This parameter receives NULL if dwReturnMask does not include the SCRIPTINFO_ITYPEINFO value, or if type information is not available for this item. If type information is not available, the object cannot source events, and name binding must be realized with the IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames method. Note that the ITypeInfo interface retrieved describes the item's coclass (TKIND_COCLASS) because the object may support multiple interfaces and event interfaces. If the item supports the IProvideMultipleTypeInfo interface, the ITypeInfo interface retrieved is the same as the index zero ITypeInfo that would be obtained using the IProvideMultipleTypeInfo::GetInfoOfIndex method.

This method retrieves only the information indicated by the dwReturnMask parameter; this improves performance. For example, if an ITypeInfo interface is not needed for an item, it is simply not specified in dwReturnMask.