Microsoft® Windows® Script Interfaces
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The IActiveScript interface provides the methods necessary to initialize the scripting engine. The scripting engine must implement the IActiveScript interface.

Methods in Vtable Order

Method Description
SetScriptSite Informs the scripting engine of the IActiveScriptSite site provided by the host.
GetScriptSite Retrieves the site object associated with the Windows Script engine.
SetScriptState Places the scripting engine into the specified state.
GetScriptState Retrieves the current state of the scripting engine.
Close Causes the scripting engine to abandon any currently loaded script, lose its state, and release any interface pointers it has to other objects, thus entering a closed state.
AddNamedItem Adds the name of a root-level item to the scripting engine's name space.
AddTypeLib Adds a type library to the name space for the script.
GetScriptDispatch Retrieves the IDispatch interface for the running script.
GetCurrentScriptThreadID Retrieves a scripting-engine-defined identifier for the currently executing thread.
GetScriptThreadID Retrieves a scripting-engine-defined identifier for the thread associated with the given Microsoft Win32® thread.
GetScriptThreadState Retrieves the current state of a script thread.
InterruptScriptThread Interrupts the execution of a running script thread.
Clone Clones the current scripting engine (minus any current execution state), returning a loaded scripting engine that has no site in the current thread.